Sessa Residence//////////////

Queensland Gallery of Modern Art//////////////


San Jose Repertory Theater//////////////

Hyperion Avenue//////////////


Stieglitz Residence //////////

Sub-'burb/House of the Future//////////////

Package Building////////////////////////

Cheng Residence //////////

BOSS / D.A.L.E.//////////////

Chaise Lounge//////////////



World Trade Center Memorial//////////////

BOSS / Surf Report//////////////


Project Arrow//////////////

Energie AG ////////////

ESSAY / Mies-Takes///////

Mogul House of the Future//////////////

2nd Street T.O.W.E.R. ////////////

MODEST COMMON: Some Recent Work////////

PRO/con Package Homes///////////

Pearson Residence ///////////

Royal Danish Theater//////////////

ARCHIVE / Shanghai North Bund Plaza/////////

BOSS / Shaufelradbagger

ARCHIVE / Taichung City Civic Center/////

BOSS / SailRocket//////////////

CONTACT / Map/////////

Carson J,P:A///////

Meet the Nelsons////////////


UCLA Cogeneration Facility//////////////

The Golden Plate//////////////

Zimmer Stair//////////////

Arias-Tsang Residence//////////////

BOSS / Ben Reubold//////////////

Modern Modular//////

Rob Brill Residence//////////////

SCI-Arc Conference Room//////////////

Aomori Northern City Housing//////////////

Academy Rd. Studio/////////

ARCHIVE / Columbus Convention Center//////

McLeod Residence//////////

A+D Tables////////////////

BOSS/ Mobile Launch Platform//////////

Dwell Home PRO/con//////////

SJSU Art Museum 2//////////////

Confluence Point Ranger Station//////////////

ESSAY / Heidegger, Corbu, and the Aliens//////

Rooftop PRO/con///////////

1455 Mill St./////////////

Hong Kong Design Institute//////////////

ARCHIVE / Housing for the Homeless

Astronauts Memorial//////////////

ARCHIVE / Overlake Sector Light Industrial Park

BOSS/ Doug Jackson SlowMo//////////////

BOSS / Apollo Drawings/Documents//////////////

ARCHIVE / Pacific Center for the Media Arts

Paramount Pictures Film and Tape Archive//////////////

ARCHIVE / Right Away Redy Mix

Primitive Huts//////////////

ARCHIVE / Details Display Mechanisms

ESSAY / Loos Modularity, Lumpy Logic///////

BOSS / Lego//////////////

Vietnam Veterans Memorial//////////////

California Lifeguard Tower//////////////

ARCHIVE / Zaccho Dance Theater


BOSS / AC 45, Amreicas Cup

Geo-Center Mons Klint//////////////

ARCHIVE / California Unite


Silverlake Lofts ////////

Lowboy /////

BOSS / Stålenhag //////////

Elemental Chile //////////

ARCHIVE / House for a Corporate Family

El Segundo//////////

ARCHIVE / Altman & Manley Advertising

BOSS / Space Shuttle//////////////

ESSAY / Newerness///////

ARCHIVE / Head Start Childcare Facility

San Jose State University Art Museum 1////////

Yokohama International Port Terminal////////

Burning Man Tower//////////////

ARCHIVE / High Sierra Guest Cabin

Lawn Chair//////////////

PROFILE/ Archinect//////////////

ARCHIVE / Ou / Muria Residence

Quebradillas House ///////////

ARCHIVE Recliner Couch

BOSS / Endeavour/Los Angeles

ARCHIVE / High Sierra Rock Cabin

ARCHIVE / Boom Lamp

BOSS / Hauer//////////////

Flemington Jewish Community Center//////////////

ARCHIVE / Tract House

BOSS / Higgs Bosson//////////////

ARCHIVE/ Right Away Redy Mix II

ARCHIVE / Robotics Research and Development Facility

STIM 2//////////////

Accessory Dwelling Unit/////////////////

ESSAY / From Scratch///////

ARCHIVE / US Pavilion / Expo '92

ARCHIVE / Akropolis Museum

806 N. Juanita//////////////

Confluence Point//////////////

ARCHIVE / Cathedral City Civic Center

Mountain Hut/////////

ARCHIVE / Time Square

ESSAY / Lim(n)IT: The Next Big Thing//////

Markham Molokai//////////

ARCHIVE / High Sierra Meadow Cabin

BOSS / Omni Art//////////////


Instrumental Form///////////

New York Times Capsule//////////////

ARHCIVE / Armani Exchange

India Basin Technology Center///////////

Grand Egyptian Museum///////////

ARCHIVE / Rabin Residence

Yucca Valley PRO/Con /////////


ELOV /////////////////////


Serra Residence ///////////

BOSS / Ralph McQuarrie

ARCHIVE / Olympic West

SCI-Arc Conference Table//////////////

ARCHIVE / Cardiff Bay Opera House

ARCHIVE / Columbia Beast

Peru St. Residence/////////


ARCHIVE / Diamond Ranch High School


ARCHIVE / Affordable House

Spot Welders TI ///////////

ARCHIVE / Tarantino Residence

ESSAY / Stillness////////

BOSS / Maxim Zhestkov

Guggenheim Museum Helsinki////////////////

Link-Belt Exhbition Pavilion////////////

ARCHIVE / Lowe Development

Silverlake PRO/con////////////

ARCHIVE / Korean American Museum of Art

Casarez Studio////////////

David & Lisa Brill Residence//////////

Beynon Residence////

ARCHIVE / Alcatraz Island Interperetive Center

ESSAY / Assertiveness///////

ARCHIVE / Lake Superior Freshwater Aquarium

Bebout Residence ///////

Dingbat Competition//////////////

Hermit Crab House /////////

Hometta Rubix House/////////

ARCHIVE / Redondo Mobile Tract Houses

ARCHIVE / Stanford University Modular Shelters


ARCHIVE / Oakville Ranch Winery

Crazy Mocha Coffee///

REI&D Prefab///////////////

BOSS / Fireworks///////////

CONTACT/ E-mail////////////

ARCHIVE / Donner Lake Cabin

12th St. Townhomes/////////

ARCHIVE / American Medical Informatics Center

Frantz Residence/////////

ARCHIVE / Rene Dubois Bioshelter

HSI Productions Furniture///////

ARCHIVE / C-1 Truck Driver Training

BOSS / The Right Stuff//////////////

ARCHIVE / Andersen Consulting

ARCHIVE / Quincy Street Gates

ARCHIVE / Edenscape Master Plan

Harper Residence/////////

ARCHIVE / Marden Water Treatment Plant