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PROGRAM: Residential spec. development of varying single-family programs, based on a locally-available prefabrication system

SIZE: 1,200-2,400 sq. ft.


NOTES: Reinforced masonry and concrete foundation incorporating basement and lower levels, wood-framed prefab. envelope wall construction with corrugated metal panels, thermal sliding-door glazing systems, miscellaneous steel detailing

PROJECT TEXT: The Owner has 11 lots in a rural Pennsylvania vacation area that includes several lakes and golf courses. The lots vary in size but are generally about 1/3 acre; they also vary in slope—from almost flat to very steep. The Owner desires to build speculative houses on all of the lots; in two cases the lots are contiguous, and the Owner may combine them to put up a single, larger residence. The Owner requests J,P:A to design a full range for the varying lots and conditions. A target construction budget of less than $200,000 has been established for each house except the house(s) on the combined lots, which have a target construction budget of less than $400,000. In order to meet these tight budgets and still build houses of around 1,200 sq. ft. and 2,400 sq. ft. respectively, the designs will be optimized for prefabrication by a nearby construction firm identified by the Owner. Also for this reason, it is anticipated that J,P:A will produce a minimal number of original designs to be used for all the different lots, adapted to the specifics of the individual sites as necessary.