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PROJECT TEXT: Located at the center of their famous Hollywood lot just east of the studio's landmark water tower, Paramount Pictures' new Film and Tape Archive is the first central asset protection facility of its kind to be built. In addition to housing Paramount's new advanced film editing wing, this advanced materials handling complex ships, receives, retrieves, and stores over one million units of film and tape worth billions of dollars under museum-quality security and climate control. Nearly two thirds of the building's $10 million construction cost was invested in the elaborate mechanical systems that condition and secure the film and tape vaults from the unique side-mounted building services structure that doubles as the support for a new scenic "sky " filming backdrop.

The four story concrete archive structure is divided into three distinct zones. The upper two floors each contain four 3000 SF redundant archive vaults (masters and copies are stored in separate yet identical side by side vaults to reduce the risk of total loss) which achieve and maintain unprecedented temperature and humidity control. The lower two floors are divided into a high bay shipping, receiving and video cataloging area on the north side of the building and two levels of editing/administrative offices on the south side of the building.

Due to mounting pressure from Paramount's insurance carrier regarding the cost of continuing coverage on the studio's previously unprotected $3 billion dollar film and tape collection, the project had to be completed on an accelerated schedule. Selected by Paramount as project prime based on past performance on other demanding, engineering intensive projects, HHJ worked in close collaboration with team members Ove Arup & Partners, building engineers, and Turner Construction to complete the entire design, engineering, permitting, and construction effort in less than one year.